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Urbs Salvia in Italy, Antigonea in Albania, Poetovio in Slovenia, Dodona in Greece, and Bribirska Glavica, Velika Mrdakovica and Mirine-Fulfinum in Croatia.

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This Platform has been developed by the TRANSFER project whose goal is to develop, transfer and disseminate a Common Governance Model for the Management of Archaeological Parks that goes beyond the traditional conservation approach, to open up for the valorisation of cultural heritage into sustainable development opportunities and growth. The innovative aspect of the model lies in its 3-tire dimension; the model is built on three fundamental key elements:

1) Methods and strategies for integrated management plans.
2) Viable economic sustainable activities and products where cultural heritage can become a key driver for local economic development.
3) ICT tools and solutions that can generate new ways of cultural experience, as well as increasing and broadening public access.

The Common Governance Model will be tested through pilot actions that will be carried out in the participating archaeological Parks, i.e. Urbs Salvia in Italy, Antigonea in Albania Poetovio in Slovenia, Dodona in Greece and Bribirska glavica, Velika Mrdakovica and Mirine-Fulfinum in Croatia.